This Web platform provided by MELS is no longer available. We are now offering a new platform that contains more features. All the elements that were displayed on this Web platform are available on the new one. Please contact your project manager or send an email to to access it.

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In all cases, please contact customer service at MELS, either by e-mail or by phone at 514-879-0020 (toll free: 1-800-667-7690).
Are you a distributor?
Use Distribution to keep track of all your elements and titles. Each element can then be delivered directly to VoD or Internet broadcasters, or they can be made available to order via our VoDX-Change platform. Of course, you can track all these operations in real time. Finally, you can decide to store each element in MELS's Virtual Vault, for fully secured digital storage and even faster deliveries.
Are you a VoD or Internet content broadcaster?
Order on VoDX-Change (a section of Distribution) movies, trailers, TV shows, or any other element offered by participating distributors. Track in real time your orders status. And if some elements are not closed-captioned, VoDX-Change allows you to reduce the costs of subtitling, by sharing it among several broadcasters.
Do you have material that is stored in MELS's vaults?
MELS maintains in its vaults over 200,000 films, videos, sound masters, digitized, promotional, prints and other elements. Using Distribution, you can conveniently access its content 24/7, and track all your elements at all time whether they are in, out or in transit. Additionnally, you can make requests to move specific elements, and view your invoices in full details.